claude05: my guest today, under my roof
claude05: cherry tomatoes
claude05: ... una bella compagnia ...
claude05: fallen fruit
claude05: stone to stone
claude05: elbows
claude05: on a hot day II
claude05: on a hot day I
claude05: group portrait
claude05: colorful bazaar
claude05: above the heads
claude05: la ola* has calmed down
claude05: La Ola
claude05: high tension in the neighborhood
claude05: even more peace
claude05: the sheltering appearance
claude05: glowing building
claude05: grandeur, splendor
claude05: about being able to drink from a bottle in a threesome
claude05: cooling complacent - very fond memories
claude05: farm garden
claude05: under pressure
claude05: the working area of the cathedral hut*
claude05: have a look into the workshop
claude05: who does not think about Hoelderlin
claude05: little to see, a lot to feel
claude05: other architectural expressions II
claude05: Summertime, and the livin' is easy ...
claude05: other architectural expressions I - dead end *
claude05: roofscape II - a good living feeling