kinoin: Quebecois brutalism - part 2
kinoin: Quebecois brutalism
kinoin: Hydro Station and an eye
kinoin: Danger, winter, and Jesus (?)
kinoin: Winter skateboarding
kinoin: Concrete absence of windows
kinoin: Train station
kinoin: Winterizing
kinoin: Urban Popsicles
kinoin: Touch
kinoin: Anthropogenic wilderness
kinoin: Hiding pit stop
kinoin: Questioning the future
kinoin: Colorful slice of buildings
kinoin: Merging realities
kinoin: Three red
kinoin: A reflecting car. Reflecting a car.
kinoin: Montréal’s iconic cone. A cone
kinoin: Manhattanism
kinoin: Overtaking the city
kinoin: Forgotten lights and 88
kinoin: Living picture (sound on)
kinoin: Exaggerating reality
kinoin: Street lights shadow
kinoin: Illuminating the clouds
kinoin: Green carpet
kinoin: Windows free
kinoin: Once Golden Now River
kinoin: Nature alone
kinoin: Liminal rain