mansouralhebshi: Vibrant summer
mansouralhebshi: DSC03853
mansouralhebshi: DSC00565 wide -Recovered
mansouralhebshi: Roses are red
mansouralhebshi: DSC03602
mansouralhebshi: DSC03895-1
mansouralhebshi: DSC03598-1
mansouralhebshi: DSC03896-1
mansouralhebshi: All Grey
mansouralhebshi: Instagram: @king.catch
mansouralhebshi: Gaze from how are we ‘seen’ to how we are ‘seeing
mansouralhebshi: Reading is fundamental
mansouralhebshi: Rays on shades
mansouralhebshi: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.
mansouralhebshi: I ain’t a photographer I’m a ghost trapped in a cam
mansouralhebshi: Stripes of shadow
mansouralhebshi: Stripes of shadow
mansouralhebshi: Blue sky & dotted dress
mansouralhebshi: Rocks & dotted dress