GDMetzler: Good Morning Sunshine.
GDMetzler: Twisted feet.
GDMetzler: Late season Lilly pads.
GDMetzler: A bird in the hand ...
GDMetzler: Twofer
GDMetzler: Setting sun on the Birches!
GDMetzler: Birchs hiding the tracks.
GDMetzler: Keeping Watch
GDMetzler: Halloween Forest.
GDMetzler: A walk in the woods.
GDMetzler: GDM_5292.jpg
GDMetzler: Can you see me?
GDMetzler: Country Road Sundown.
GDMetzler: Honey Makers!
GDMetzler: Thunder Roars
GDMetzler: Fall Teasel
GDMetzler: Reflections on a Lily pad pond.
GDMetzler: Late afternoon snack time.
GDMetzler: Lone Shore Tree.
GDMetzler: Hummingbird on a wire.
GDMetzler: Brown Thrasher
GDMetzler: Lotus reflection.
GDMetzler: Birch in motion.
GDMetzler: Sun rise on prairie grass.
GDMetzler: Humid Morning!!
GDMetzler: Greeting the morning sun on a dewy Morning.
GDMetzler: So much to choose from.
GDMetzler: I wonder.
GDMetzler: Tail Feathers
GDMetzler: A Nest builder.