a7m2: A heart for all Flickr friends
a7m2: Belvedere Vienna
a7m2: Today is the full moon
a7m2: The Squirrel
a7m2: Wienerberg brick pond
a7m2: View of Perchtoldsdorf
a7m2: spring flowers
a7m2: the Turntables
a7m2: The Ötscher
a7m2: the old Danube in Floridsdorf
a7m2: The castles of Laxenburg
a7m2: the Gothic bridge in the castle park
a7m2: The Franzensburg 2
a7m2: A frosty morning in the Palace Park
a7m2: The Franzensburg
a7m2: Valentine's Day greetings
a7m2: the canal in the Laxenburg palace park
a7m2: Historic citizen hospital in Baden
a7m2: on the Kellerberg
a7m2: The Alte Donau (Vienna)
a7m2: the reflection
a7m2: Grey Heron
a7m2: Water park in Vienna
a7m2: Reflections
a7m2: snowy road
a7m2: Sunset in the bird island
a7m2: The Paulinenwarte
a7m2: Historical spa park
a7m2: Belvedere Palace in Vienna
a7m2: signpost😉