A7M3: Oberammergau
A7M3: Oberammergau Kirchplatz
A7M3: Der Kreuzteich (A)
A7M3: Friendly horse guides at Neuschwanstein Castle
A7M3: View of Neuschwanstein Castle
A7M3: What is that ?....
A7M3: View from Neuschwanstein Castle to the Alpsee...
A7M3: The Lechfall
A7M3: Museum of the Bavarian Kings
A7M3: Hohenschwangau
A7M3: View into the Pöllat Gorge
A7M3: The Marienbrücke over the Pöllatschlucht
A7M3: Neuschwanstein Castle 2
A7M3: Tree top path in Füssen (Ziegelwies)
A7M3: Linderhof Castle
A7M3: The "Royal Villa" Linderhof Castle
A7M3: The Wieskirche (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
A7M3: Evening at the Alpsee
A7M3: The Boathouse
A7M3: View of the Alpsee
A7M3: Castle Hohenschwangau
A7M3: Neuschwanstein Castle
A7M3: Old Town of Füssen
A7M3: Grüner See (Styria)
A7M3: Zackel sheep mother and child
A7M3: the double stork
A7M3: Old Puszta drawing well
A7M3: Grüner See
A7M3: Podersdorf Lighthouse
A7M3: The Kreuzteich