A7M3: Water lilies
A7M3: Early morning in the Vienna Woods
A7M3: Visit from the rose beetle
A7M3: Kottingbrunn Palace
A7M3: unfortunately no e-bike
A7M3: An old farmhouse
A7M3: Beautiful poppies
A7M3: The climbing tree
A7M3: Passau, Mariahilfberg
A7M3: City of Burghausen
A7M3: Music pavilion Grundlsee
A7M3: View of Veste Oberhaus
A7M3: View of the St.Stephan Cathedral and Marienbrücke
A7M3: Passau old town
A7M3: A beautiful evening in Passau
A7M3: Wallflower...Mauerblümchen
A7M3: The Danube near Schönbühel
A7M3: Spring in Laxenburg Palace Park
A7M3: An very old willow tree
A7M3: View from bridge to bridge
A7M3: "Great Cascade"
A7M3: The Forstmeister Canal in the Laxenburg Palace Park
A7M3: Artstetten Castle II
A7M3: Historical courtyard garden in Seitenstetten Abbey
A7M3: Stift Seitenstetten
A7M3: River cruises on the Danube
A7M3: Monastery Schönbühel
A7M3: Artstetten Castle
A7M3: Rapeseed field
A7M3: Schönbühel Castle