Keylight1: Rain drops
Keylight1: Colour lines
Keylight1: Pattullo Bridge
Keylight1: Shattered lines
Keylight1: Washed out leaves
Keylight1: Sail away
Keylight1: Swinging hi
Keylight1: Canada Place
Keylight1: Fall impression
Keylight1: Green and sand
Keylight1: Snow Canyon textures
Keylight1: Colour in the pond
Keylight1: The well at the top.
Keylight1: Greens in the light.
Keylight1: The birds
Keylight1: Driving to the edge
Keylight1: Big or small
Keylight1: Time to call it a day
Keylight1: Sky imitating the land
Keylight1: Waters coming down
Keylight1: Hiding in the rock
Keylight1: Looking to the shy
Keylight1: Rolling hills
Keylight1: The cross in the field
Keylight1: Harbour Moon
Keylight1: Spring time sights
Keylight1: Chilliiwack River in fall
Keylight1: To the sky
Keylight1: The other side of the hill
Keylight1: Under the bridge