karospictures: Spätsommer
karospictures: between whether and weather
karospictures: girl in the rain
karospictures: thirsty
karospictures: the too little wonderful
karospictures: something like normal
karospictures: woman with dog
karospictures: man on the road
karospictures: regional transit
karospictures: Darling Street
karospictures: Frau im Park
karospictures: Westend
karospictures: can't wait to be awaited
karospictures: to the trains
karospictures: metri e minuti
karospictures: vestido rojo
karospictures: madre e bambino
karospictures: woman with boy
karospictures: Girl in the rain
karospictures: al mare
karospictures: reflection in blackboard
karospictures: kitchen skyline
karospictures: This was winter