karospictures: blossom
karospictures: waking from dreams
karospictures: Fassaden
karospictures: Antwerp
karospictures: Cyclist in Leiden
karospictures: Hamburgo
karospictures: we have been there before
karospictures: postcard from the kitchen table
karospictures: A wintry walk
karospictures: waiting for spring
karospictures: classroom
karospictures: girl under trees
karospictures: beautiful rain
karospictures: street car
karospictures: When winter was white and snow no sign of surrender
karospictures: the lounge
karospictures: Thinking of St. Petersburg
karospictures: Couple (Cologne)
karospictures: At the River Rhine
karospictures: red umbrella
karospictures: Peru Rail
karospictures: There is still some magic around...
karospictures: Dorf bei Dämmerung
karospictures: the hollowness of holiness makes the soul fit in