kaffealskare: Orange daylily
kaffealskare: The light creates life in the outer edge
kaffealskare: Red Against Red
kaffealskare: Abstract
kaffealskare: Cotton-like remains of aspen seeds
kaffealskare: Standing in the spotlight
kaffealskare: There's always sunshine after the rain
kaffealskare: Uplifting Bird Spa Bath
kaffealskare: Old cap from a pharmacy bottle
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kaffealskare: Home over the weekend
kaffealskare: Green of envy
kaffealskare: Reflections through a lens ball
kaffealskare: Trying to blend into the background environment
kaffealskare: It's a thin line between retro and vintage
kaffealskare: A sense of freedom on a pair of skis
kaffealskare: Ice Skaters
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kaffealskare: If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul
kaffealskare: Enjoying the sun
kaffealskare: This old house needs some TLC to restore it's former glory
kaffealskare: A winter Jewel
kaffealskare: Hazy shade of winter
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kaffealskare: Light finding it's way through the branches
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