jwfuqua-photography: What Do You Want?
jwfuqua-photography: 2019 October 13 Peace Valley-6
jwfuqua-photography: The Egret and the Mergansers
jwfuqua-photography: Great Blue Heron
jwfuqua-photography: Green Heron In Flight
jwfuqua-photography: Two Ducks and a Deer
jwfuqua-photography: Common Merganser
jwfuqua-photography: 2019 October 04 Peace Valley-22
jwfuqua-photography: Bald Eagle - Juvenile
jwfuqua-photography: Great Egret with Fish
jwfuqua-photography: Juvenile Bald Eagle
jwfuqua-photography: Canada Geese
jwfuqua-photography: Common Mergansers
jwfuqua-photography: Great Blue Heron
jwfuqua-photography: Solitary Sandpipers
jwfuqua-photography: 2019 September 19 Peace Valley-103_.jpg
jwfuqua-photography: Foggy Morning
jwfuqua-photography: 2019 September 17 Peace Valley-27_.jpg
jwfuqua-photography: 2019 September 15 Peace Valley-8
jwfuqua-photography: 2019 September 08 Peace Valley-17_.jpg
jwfuqua-photography: 2019 August 25 Peace Valley-144_.jpg
jwfuqua-photography: The Watcher
jwfuqua-photography: 2019 September 03 Peace Valley-9
jwfuqua-photography: Catching Some Morning Rays
jwfuqua-photography: Breakfast of Champions
jwfuqua-photography: Red-tailed Hawk
jwfuqua-photography: Great Egret
jwfuqua-photography: Osprey In A Tree