Hawkeye43: Water Lily
Hawkeye43: Red Cliff Bridge
Hawkeye43: Gilman, Colorado and the now-flooded Eagle mine
Hawkeye43: Gilman mine town
Hawkeye43: Camp Hale Chipmunk
Hawkeye43: Asters
Hawkeye43: Jeep at Camp Hale
Hawkeye43: Mule corral
Hawkeye43: Deer mandible
Hawkeye43: Camp Hale Mule Barn
Hawkeye43: Camp Hale
Hawkeye43: Gumbo Limbo
Hawkeye43: Pyrocumulus cloud from the Cameron Peak Fire just north of Rocky Mountain National Park.
Hawkeye43: Williams Fork fire in Grand county Colorado.
Hawkeye43: It's Red
Hawkeye43: Lupine
Hawkeye43: Osprey with Nesting Material
Hawkeye43: Crocus - It must be Spring. In the midst of COVID-19, it can be hard to remember.
Hawkeye43: Bison - Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
Hawkeye43: Felucca on the Nile - Aswan, Egypt
Hawkeye43: Nouri at the Step Pyramid