johmako: ... and so the sun said goodbye behind the clouds. The small coniferous tree it had already quite snowy today.
johmako: the way ahead
johmako: Forget what we're told Before we get too old
johmako: The way we are drinking off this life We put history back on repeat.
johmako: If this day is really the last one here Will we then realize what is actually important?
johmako: Let me see the light within the dark trees shadowing
johmako: sunset at thor's hammer
johmako: morning mist meadows
johmako: is there a time and a place for us?
johmako: shortly after sunrise of the reef
johmako: where the peaks touch the sky
johmako: let`s take the biridge
johmako: Running over the same old ground - What have we found?
johmako: at the end of the world?
johmako: summer sunset at the sunflower
johmako: can we still enjoy the falling water?
johmako: sunset sunflower
johmako: time, will bring back the sun
johmako: path to the gate with flower
johmako: light and shadow at the cascade
johmako: waterfall in the woods
johmako: just before sunet at the waterfall
johmako: waterfall in the woods
johmako: summer at the lime tree
johmako: clouds arrival at the reef
johmako: after the storms
johmako: sundowner at the reef
johmako: sundowner at the barleyfield
johmako: hail storm in june
johmako: backlight sunset of the swabian reef