johanpettersson63: In to the unknown
johanpettersson63: Red Shock absorbers
johanpettersson63: Old and new
johanpettersson63: Safe nightharbour
johanpettersson63: The old house
johanpettersson63: Welcome to my Island
johanpettersson63: Cast iron cross
johanpettersson63: Fishing village panorama
johanpettersson63: Evening in june!
johanpettersson63: Parking in Memphis
johanpettersson63: The Green Beetle, Memphis, Tennesse.
johanpettersson63: Next exit, Elvis Presley
johanpettersson63: That Twin Peaks feeling
johanpettersson63: No trespassing
johanpettersson63: Smokey looking for the Bandit
johanpettersson63: Another Kind of wall decoration
johanpettersson63: Outside the Opry
johanpettersson63: Tall and short
johanpettersson63: The Liquor store
johanpettersson63: At the Hardware store
johanpettersson63: Main street Tupelo, MS
johanpettersson63: Alone at the bar
johanpettersson63: The unknown part of Beale Street
johanpettersson63: Welcome to Tennesse