JoeCollver: Slab o' ham
JoeCollver: Sausage overflow
JoeCollver: No time for the maritime museum
JoeCollver: Fancy glass
JoeCollver: Inside Eglise Sainte Catherine
JoeCollver: Ceiling like a boat
JoeCollver: Old but still standing tall
JoeCollver: Stylish Honfleurian florist
JoeCollver: Public square
JoeCollver: Arrival in Honfleur
JoeCollver: Sheep by the shed
JoeCollver: Mother break
JoeCollver: Apple tree and fences
JoeCollver: Halfway up the hill
JoeCollver: Plenty of grass to graze
JoeCollver: Thatched roof and luxury car
JoeCollver: Are you going to feed us or what?
JoeCollver: Curious sheep
JoeCollver: Antenna
JoeCollver: Marais-Vernier pastoral
JoeCollver: Manor with blossoms
JoeCollver: Patchwork cottage
JoeCollver: Marais-Vernier
JoeCollver: For sale
JoeCollver: Tree in blossom
JoeCollver: All roof and windows
JoeCollver: Flowers and a chimney
JoeCollver: The road to Marais-Vernier
JoeCollver: Marais-Vernier
JoeCollver: Wildlife refuge