Better hurry 'Cause I'm leaving soon They never fall, they can never run dry If heaven falls, I'm coming too Come in all you jesters, enter all you fools (3/7) I think that's well understood You make me happy when skies are gray Love love love, we're trigger hippies, yeah He does the best with me he can It's a love that had no past Yes the picture's changing, every moment Through the streets and through the playgrounds Too beautiful to think you're getting older These comforts to me and these crosses to bear Watch the bend of my wandering Now everything is easy 'cause of you Or should I say she once had me And the flowers bloom like madness in the spring While everybody's sleeping, the boats put out to sea But he knows not what it means In a town full of rubber plants Mother Superior jumped the gun In a country where they turn back time We're one, but we're not the same It goes down the same as the thousand before Dumb as an ape doing nothing And you don't seem to notice I'm not here And watch the only way out disappear So deep down in your ground You know this whole mess is born from fear How many of them are you and me