joanlopezphotography: The real street artists
joanlopezphotography: Cyclist sunk on asphalt
joanlopezphotography: Experimentation with coloured lights I
joanlopezphotography: Don't break the circle
joanlopezphotography: The curtain rises
joanlopezphotography: New day is dawning
joanlopezphotography: Spontaneous symmetry
joanlopezphotography: Choreographic steps
joanlopezphotography: Natural symmetry
joanlopezphotography: Alfred in memoriam
joanlopezphotography: We'll take next one!
joanlopezphotography: First light of a new day
joanlopezphotography: Bustling evenings
joanlopezphotography: Urban mobility
joanlopezphotography: A 12-pointed star of light crowns Sagrada Familia since this morning
joanlopezphotography: Working in pandemic
joanlopezphotography: Bicycle friendly environment
joanlopezphotography: Sphere emerging from among the clouds
joanlopezphotography: Cables over heads
joanlopezphotography: Cycling through the city
joanlopezphotography: Lights reflection
joanlopezphotography: Goal is near
joanlopezphotography: Heaven spotlight
joanlopezphotography: Runway to the everyday
joanlopezphotography: Cycling in pandemic
joanlopezphotography: Night sphere over the rooftops
joanlopezphotography: Ride into a past time
joanlopezphotography: Storm is coming