jlee31180: Trout lake view.
jlee31180: Vancouver street.
jlee31180: Doesn’t like it. Not a fav!
jlee31180: Feeding the pigeons.
jlee31180: Georgia Viaduct.
jlee31180: Busy hour.
jlee31180: Thoughts on slice of life.
jlee31180: 302 cubic inches
jlee31180: Bird wall.
jlee31180: Chev C20
jlee31180: Rambler topless.
jlee31180: Biscayne
jlee31180: Test drive.
jlee31180: The Watcher.
jlee31180: Home with a view.
jlee31180: Surprised
jlee31180: Only want to be with you.
jlee31180: Workout mindset.
jlee31180: Dark clouds.
jlee31180: Captain America.
jlee31180: Welcome Spring!
jlee31180: Octo-art.
jlee31180: If you could read my mind.
jlee31180: Last night’s drive home.
jlee31180: Snow day.
jlee31180: Moment of clarity.
jlee31180: Opera singer.
jlee31180: Happy customer at Jade Dynasty Restaurant.
jlee31180: Firery sunset.
jlee31180: Getting the best snow shot.