jlee31180: Intense discussion.
jlee31180: When I was young.
jlee31180: Just me and empty parking.
jlee31180: The car.
jlee31180: Be Safe. Remember to distance.
jlee31180: Painted street.
jlee31180: Autoplan safely.
jlee31180: Tonight’s shot.
jlee31180: Happy 2020.
jlee31180: Santa’s ride this year.
jlee31180: Autumn photographers.
jlee31180: False creek
jlee31180: Pose.
jlee31180: Hawaiian sunset.
jlee31180: Autumn sunset.
jlee31180: Autumn leaves.
jlee31180: Attached.
jlee31180: Happy Halloween
jlee31180: Galaxy 500
jlee31180: Check it out.
jlee31180: Vancouver street.
jlee31180: Doesn’t like it. Not a fav!
jlee31180: Feeding the pigeons.
jlee31180: Georgia Viaduct.
jlee31180: Busy hour.
jlee31180: Thoughts on slice of life.
jlee31180: 302 cubic inches
jlee31180: Bird wall.
jlee31180: Chev C20
jlee31180: Rambler topless.