mrgraphic2: Garfield Park mural
mrgraphic2: Carpeted Chrysler
mrgraphic2: Olongapo City & Subic Bay U.S. Naval Station
mrgraphic2: In Memory on Veterans Day 2019
mrgraphic2: Fall Foliage
mrgraphic2: Autumn Road
mrgraphic2: Autumn Rails
mrgraphic2: Ken Clause
mrgraphic2: Autumn Roads
mrgraphic2: Autumn Trees
mrgraphic2: Fall Foliage
mrgraphic2: Autumn Rails #2
mrgraphic2: Witch's Hat
mrgraphic2: Two for the Road
mrgraphic2: Tiger Tail
mrgraphic2: Slow service?
mrgraphic2: Skeleton with Mic
mrgraphic2: Skeleton Waving
mrgraphic2: Skeleton on Hood
mrgraphic2: Skeleton "dressed to kill"
mrgraphic2: Power "Acoustik" rear amp
mrgraphic2: Mini Cooper
mrgraphic2: Hot Stuff!
mrgraphic2: Haunted Car
mrgraphic2: Ford wheel
mrgraphic2: Ford Interior
mrgraphic2: Ford Hood Ornament
mrgraphic2: Ford dash
mrgraphic2: Ford Cobra
mrgraphic2: Flamed fender