JimfromCanada: winter in the park
JimfromCanada: for rent
JimfromCanada: romancing the sun
JimfromCanada: closed for the season
JimfromCanada: winter light
JimfromCanada: patterns in the mist
JimfromCanada: pristine pontiac
JimfromCanada: quiet waters
JimfromCanada: all stop
JimfromCanada: afternoon light
JimfromCanada: get in line children
JimfromCanada: morning light
JimfromCanada: something shiny
JimfromCanada: sunset fire
JimfromCanada: catch the light
JimfromCanada: hauling the line
JimfromCanada: winter blooms
JimfromCanada: silhouettes at sunset
JimfromCanada: hidden in the mist
JimfromCanada: another world
JimfromCanada: pink perfection
JimfromCanada: nature's bouquet
JimfromCanada: sandy the sanderling
JimfromCanada: it's starting to rain
JimfromCanada: river view
JimfromCanada: bold brick
JimfromCanada: goal posts
JimfromCanada: old frosting
JimfromCanada: sky net
JimfromCanada: frosted pancakes