JerryGoulet: Hide & Seek - Grey Squirrel
JerryGoulet: Hen Blackbird
JerryGoulet: Puffin stretching
JerryGoulet: Puffin: When you have an itch...
JerryGoulet: Jackdaw, such a poser!
JerryGoulet: Sleepy Razorbill
JerryGoulet: Tree Sparrow
JerryGoulet: Mandarin Duck (Female and Male)
JerryGoulet: Look into my eyes...
JerryGoulet: Posing
JerryGoulet: Morning Fishing
JerryGoulet: Great Tit
JerryGoulet: Song Thrush trying to be a chameleon!...
JerryGoulet: Common Buzard
JerryGoulet: Close up and personal with a Canadian Goose
JerryGoulet: Dunnock / Hedge Sparrow
JerryGoulet: Greenfinch
JerryGoulet: Male Blackbird
JerryGoulet: Girls Out - Females Chaffinch and Reed Bunting
JerryGoulet: Male Reed Bunting (ringed) enjoying his breakfast.
JerryGoulet: Pied Wagtail having Breakfast
JerryGoulet: Eurasian Teal
JerryGoulet: Male Orange-Tip (Anthocharis Cardamines)
JerryGoulet: A noisy little Wren
JerryGoulet: Male Reed Bunting sharing lunch with a Blue Tit.
JerryGoulet: Portrait of a Mallard.
JerryGoulet: Trying to hide...
JerryGoulet: A bit windy!
JerryGoulet: Mute Swam
JerryGoulet: The little poser!