jeffcbowen: Mother Nature in a Parking Lot
jeffcbowen: Not a Halo
jeffcbowen: Waxing Gibbous Moon
jeffcbowen: Reserved Parking
jeffcbowen: Pretty in Pink
jeffcbowen: Someone's Special Day
jeffcbowen: Just Hanging Out
jeffcbowen: Siblings
jeffcbowen: Canada Goose Daycare Centre
jeffcbowen: Clinic Life
jeffcbowen: Waffle Art
jeffcbowen: The Chorus Line
jeffcbowen: Retirement Car
jeffcbowen: S.S. Keewatin in Kingston, Ontario Drydock
jeffcbowen: S.S. Keewatin in drydock, Kingston Ontario
jeffcbowen: Mother's Day Family Outing
jeffcbowen: Martello Tower
jeffcbowen: Don't go shopping without protection.
jeffcbowen: Church of the Good Theif
jeffcbowen: Chaotic Sky Over Kingston
jeffcbowen: The Long Reach
jeffcbowen: Tulip and Hosta
jeffcbowen: A Wet Morning in Kingston
jeffcbowen: Vibrance
jeffcbowen: A Touching Memorial
jeffcbowen: CLOSED: Church of the Good Theif
jeffcbowen: Fellini Got That Right
jeffcbowen: Holding Forth at the Food Court