jdyf333: More than nine million views of my pictures on Flickr as of May 1 2020
jdyf333: Everything is Connected
jdyf333: The Truth
jdyf333: At The Conference of Hallucinations
jdyf333: Important Warning
jdyf333: Congregation of the Acid-Colored Shapes
jdyf333: when viewed in sunlight, each line is like a rainbow
jdyf333: Woman In A Restaurant
jdyf333: This Is It
jdyf333: Psychedelic Geometry
jdyf333: Beyond Beyond
jdyf333: Going Up
jdyf333: LOOK
jdyf333: THE DREAMER
jdyf333: Under the Cover of Darkness
jdyf333: Ruby Begonia
jdyf333: LisaDelic
jdyf333: Where Do I Know You From??
jdyf333: Joy Green
jdyf333: The Map is not the Territory
jdyf333: FLYING
jdyf333: Listening to Poetry
jdyf333: MIDNIGHT
jdyf333: Trippin' Jimmy Insect
jdyf333: Visual Hymn from the Dimension of Details
jdyf333: TIME
jdyf333: My Psychedelic Afternoon
jdyf333: A Very Intense Trip
jdyf333: BEAUTY