jasoux: Tactless Brent...
jasoux: Young boy pencil portrait - partially completed
jasoux: Head growths... Body thoughts...
jasoux: Heathcote River, Christchurch
jasoux: Descending to Gertrude Saddle
jasoux: Sommie pauses in morning sun...
jasoux: Nicholson Park, Scarborough, Christchurch.
jasoux: At the ironer machine...
jasoux: Nicholson Park scene
jasoux: Quick snap in lift
jasoux: Annabelle sitting in tree
jasoux: Editorial illustration
jasoux: Double selfie
jasoux: In-progress drawing for rugby comicbook
jasoux: Rugby comicbook illustration
jasoux: Candid portrait at flat warming party, Dunedin
jasoux: Fragrant daphne flower with car ornaments
jasoux: Near Beehive parliament building, Wellington, NZ
jasoux: Photographed at Goat Pass hut, Arthur's Pass National Park, New Zealand
jasoux: Watercolour painting for Crocs Shoes campaign
jasoux: Auto exposure double self portrait in front of Mount Harper
jasoux: Mayke photographed candid at the Dux de Lux C2000, Summer
jasoux: Watercolour painting done of female model. C2003
jasoux: With Sommie in mirror
jasoux: Trees and sky visual ambience
jasoux: At the Dux de Lux c.1999
jasoux: On the Pleasant Range - Dusky Track
jasoux: Rough cartoon sketches - lizards and random figures
jasoux: Moss growth atomically entangled with unknown location in space.
jasoux: Descent from Waiau Pass