photo fiddler: Shore Time
The End of Time: Hyperbolic Copper Scraps 4
Pierre-Plante: mani-2898
Howard J Duncan: Embers
Ba®ky: Hot pink
Howard J Duncan: Sadness
lgflickr1: Key West Sunset
lgflickr1: Two Pelicans
lgflickr1: Another Key West Sunset
lgflickr1: Surface in blue
lgflickr1: Smokey O'Keeffe
lgflickr1: Smoke Butterfly
lgflickr1: Red, White and Blue up in smoke
lgflickr1: Rorschach's Ray Bans in Black and White
lgflickr1: Simplicity from an incense stick
lgflickr1: Element of Deconstruct
lgflickr1: Fraczilla
lgflickr1: Yellow Smoke Circle
lgflickr1: Happy Frog
lgflickr1: Totem Smoke
lgflickr1: Sea Foam
lgflickr1: Water on glass
lgflickr1: Parade of Sail Boats
lgflickr1: Owl & Ogre Smoke Circle
lgflickr1: The Tundra
lgflickr1: Another from the road
lgflickr1: Back to Basics
lgflickr1: Sum of it's parts
jdyf333: not a hallucination