jagadishs: The Mighty Orange Hibiscus Flower
jagadishs: The exotic flower of the Snake Gourd
jagadishs: A Toy Car
jagadishs: Portrait of Girl amidst the Chaos
jagadishs: A Harmless Spider
jagadishs: A portrait of Rain Lily flower.
jagadishs: A shot of the Sunset.
jagadishs: Thomas the Engine..
jagadishs: A beautiful Gorge of river Mahanadi
jagadishs: A happier portrait..😍
jagadishs: Portrait of a Rose..🌹
jagadishs: A shot of early monsoon
jagadishs: A pleasant morning..
jagadishs: The third stage of their life cycle of transforming to an insect.
jagadishs: A silhouette of the leaves of the pretty rose plant.
jagadishs: Bon Appetite
jagadishs: Those beautiful zinnia flowers being exposed to the sun rays...😍
jagadishs: Emerging through the Chaos unscathed..!!
jagadishs: The pollinating butterfly...
jagadishs: The Indian foreigner
jagadishs: River Bhagirathi flowing through the snow caped mountains, covered by dense forests
jagadishs: monochromatic portrait
jagadishs: The symbol of love...
jagadishs: Lights 😍
jagadishs: inside a flower
jagadishs: Journey through the Mangroves 😀
jagadishs: Pamban Bridge
jagadishs: It's a promenade beach along the Bay of Bengal, it's a very popular beach in the Pondicherry. It starts from the War memorial to the Dupleix Park covering a stretch of 1200 metres approximately. The light house present at the end of this beach provides an
jagadishs: A beautiful view of the Makkah Masjid from the monumental Charimar is eye catching. It was a normal day at the busy streets of the charminar, the streets, the people, the locals are so kindhearted. It is the heart of our Hyderabad. Often called the old Ci
jagadishs: The moon is friend for the lonesome to talk to.