daddydowse: Hetton at dusk
daddydowse: A view from Windermere
daddydowse: Kali
daddydowse: Amber
daddydowse: Resting
daddydowse: Coast
daddydowse: St Marys
daddydowse: Sunset Angel
daddydowse: Ullswater at dawn
daddydowse: Sunrise over Ullswater
daddydowse: Windermere
daddydowse: Tommy
daddydowse: Penshaw Sunset
daddydowse: Tommy #2
daddydowse: Blyth Beach Front
daddydowse: Kali
daddydowse: Terra Novalis
daddydowse: Six of the Seven Sisters
daddydowse: Moon over Durham
daddydowse: Hetton Country Park Sunset
daddydowse: Horizon
daddydowse: Smoke on the Water
daddydowse: Staffy love
daddydowse: Wasdale Head
daddydowse: Sycamore Gap
daddydowse: Marsden
daddydowse: Seaham Harbour
daddydowse: Sleeping standing up?
daddydowse: Linhope Spout
daddydowse: The long walk