daddydowse: One light - Self Portrait
daddydowse: Bluebells
daddydowse: Best friends
daddydowse: Nelson
daddydowse: Congburn
daddydowse: Fire in the Sky
daddydowse: Armstrong's Waterfall
daddydowse: Parkhead Carriage
daddydowse: 7 Sisters
daddydowse: King Coal
daddydowse: Alleyway to Palace Green
daddydowse: Ryhope
daddydowse: At the end of the day
daddydowse: Durham Dales
daddydowse: Roker from Seaburn
daddydowse: Winter Sunrise
daddydowse: Me and my sunset
daddydowse: Bolt's Law
daddydowse: Looking North
daddydowse: Catbells
daddydowse: Worswick St
daddydowse: Lodore Falls
daddydowse: Derwent Water
daddydowse: Mushroom
daddydowse: Ryhope Beach
daddydowse: Kendal
daddydowse: Sand banks sunset
daddydowse: Cumbrian Sunset
daddydowse: Old George
daddydowse: Ullswater