jadennyberg: Fall Colours in Full Effect
jadennyberg: Afternoon Summer Light
jadennyberg: Hidden Falls
jadennyberg: Framing the River
jadennyberg: Distant Comet Neowise
jadennyberg: Comet Neowise Burning Bright
jadennyberg: Comet Neowise over Grouse Mountain
jadennyberg: Trees and Comet Neowise
jadennyberg: Sunset and Comet Neowise
jadennyberg: Comet Neowise through the trees
jadennyberg: Ripples in the Sand
jadennyberg: We can weather the storm
jadennyberg: Glenburn Grocery
jadennyberg: Glenburn Grocery Light Streaks
jadennyberg: Stars above Glenburn Grocery
jadennyberg: Colourful Night
jadennyberg: Sunset on the Maha'ulepu Trail
jadennyberg: Dreams of Kailua
jadennyberg: Carved by the Sea
jadennyberg: Seaweed
jadennyberg: Drama in the Sky
jadennyberg: Looking East
jadennyberg: Low Tide
jadennyberg: Whytecliff Sunset
jadennyberg: Every Day is a New Path
jadennyberg: River Reflection
jadennyberg: Kailua Beach Reflection
jadennyberg: Halona Cove
jadennyberg: Sailing at Golden Hour