Elia Locardi: Dreams of Meteora
R R G 2: Early spring waterfalls
Mary Faith.: Just Resting
Mary Faith.: Bird of Paradise
Mary Faith.: 'Nahla'
Mary Faith.: Ban Gioc Falls
photoxisch: Towards the Sun!
photoxisch: Church of the Immaculate Conception or Terrasanta
photoxisch: Alleyway
photoxisch: Fort et Phare de Kermorvan
photoxisch: Last sunlight of the day on a beautiful Brittany landscape
Joel Pee: smile
skagitrenee: Yellow Crab Spider
JK Nelson: Candy Striped leafhopper (close up)
echudler: Chives
docoverachiever: Sundrops
isteeves: Sweat bee on Aster Macro
Jeffrey Balfus (thx for 15 M views): Sunset Sea Stack with Fog 9106-
joharcarreon: St henry's church
joharcarreon: Historical tree in southwestern canada burmis tree that estimated to live 650 to 700 years old
joharcarreon: Smiling old barn
joharcarreon: Windmill in southern alberta
joharcarreon: Canada day!
joharcarreon: Canada day!
joharcarreon: Canada day!
joharcarreon: Moraine lake
aeneas66: Sunset Skies Monument Valley
Millie Cruz (On and Off): Cayenne...eye to eye