jaciii (off&on): Caillus Patron Saint of_DSC05153
jaciii (off&on): Justice trying to get it right_DSC05370a
jaciii (off&on): Quick Problem-Visionary's Measured Fixes_DSC05099
jaciii (off&on): Bonaventure is Patron Saint of_DSC04962
jaciii (off&on): Euphemia is Patron Saint of_DSC05418a
jaciii (off&on): Benedict of Nursia is Patron Saint of_DSC05330
jaciii (off&on): Andrew Kim Taegon is Patron Saint of_DSC05344
jaciii (off&on): Catherine of Alexandria is Patron Saint of_DSC05286
jaciii (off&on): Maria Goretti is Patron Saint of?_DSC05407a
jaciii (off&on): Except through me!_DSC04685
jaciii (off&on): I have chosen!_DSC03043
jaciii (off&on): Father told me._DSC04665
jaciii (off&on): Love one another!_DSC03032
jaciii (off&on): Might have life more abundantly?_DSC03047
jaciii (off&on): My sheep follow me._DSC03042
jaciii (off&on): Do you also want to leave?_DSC03446a
jaciii (off&on): Life because of me?_DSC03482
jaciii (off&on): "I am the bread of life."_DSC03485
jaciii (off&on): Raised on the last day?_DSC03493a
jaciii (off&on): "I am the bread of life"_DSC03461
jaciii (off&on): "Follow me!"_DSC03498
jaciii (off&on): This is the work of God?_DSC03028
jaciii (off&on): heading where?_DSC03090
jaciii (off&on): Seeing the Father?_DSC04665
jaciii (off&on): Joseph is Workers' Patron Saint_DSC03332a
jaciii (off&on): You do not accept our testimony_DSC03020
jaciii (off&on): Jesus did many other signs_DSC03558
jaciii (off&on): God is with Him!_DSC03977
jaciii (off&on): Proclaim the Gospel to every creature_DSC03787
jaciii (off&on): I am going fishing_DSC04117