jaciii (off&on): Clare of Assisi, patron saint of_DSC05331
jaciii (off&on): Henry II, patron saint of_DSC05278
jaciii (off&on): Philip Evans - Patron Saint of_DSC05306
jaciii (off&on): Paul of Verdun, patron Saint of_
jaciii (off&on): Andrew, patron saint of_DSC05437
jaciii (off&on): Augustine Zhao Rong, patron Saint of_DSC04416
jaciii (off&on): John Bosco, patron saint of_DSC03460
jaciii (off&on): Luigi Scrosoppi, Patron Saint of_DSC04975
jaciii (off&on): Maria Goretti, patron Saint of_DSC04941
jaciii (off&on): George of Lydda, patron saint of_DSC02776
jaciii (off&on): Anthony Mary Zaccaria, patron Saint of_DSC03116
jaciii (off&on): Elizabeth of Portugal, patron saint of_DSC03084
jaciii (off&on): “Dominic Savio, patron saint of”_DSC03035
jaciii (off&on): Kateri Tekakwitha, patron Saint of_ DSC03109a
jaciii (off&on): William of Eskilsoe, patron Saint of_DSC03222
jaciii (off&on): David, patron Saint of_DSC03133
jaciii (off&on): Frumentius, patron Saint of_DSC03212
jaciii (off&on): Juan Diego, Patron Saint of_DSC03189
jaciii (off&on): Peter Damian, patron Saint of_DSC03173
jaciii (off&on): Benedict the Moor, patron Saint of_DSC03274
jaciii (off&on): Ambrose of Milan, patron Saint of_DSC02810a
jaciii (off&on): Josaphat, patron Saint of_DSC02242
jaciii (off&on): Columba, patron Saint of_DSC02057a
jaciii (off&on): Methodius and Cyril, patron Saints of_DSC07336
jaciii (off&on): Gregory the Illuminator, patron Saint of_DSC07951
jaciii (off&on): Odile or Odilia, patron saint of_DCS08085
jaciii (off&on): Euphrosyne of Polotsk, patron Saint of_DSC08087
jaciii (off&on): Josephine Bakhita, patron Saint of_DSC08281
jaciii (off&on): John the Baptist, patron Saint of_DSC08018
jaciii (off&on): Clement of Ohrid, patron Saint of_DSC08538