CarlosMF: Landscape with clouds
CarlosMF: Voss Diax IIa, IIb and Rollei P 360 35mm projector
CarlosMF: "Costa Fascinosa" in Ilhabela, SP, Brazil
CarlosMF: Gray day at sea
CarlosMF: Assembling the new PC
CarlosMF: Trees early in the morning, a rainy day
CarlosMF: Tree on the water
CarlosMF: Hydrangea in B&W
CarlosMF: There is an exit...II
CarlosMF: The storm is arriving...
CarlosMF: Mariscal beach SC Brazil
CarlosMF: Beach in the morning II
CarlosMF: Canoe in the morning II
CarlosMF: Cityscape
CarlosMF: Canoe in the morning
CarlosMF: In the afternoon
CarlosMF: Reflection on the creek
CarlosMF: Vir&Sami
CarlosMF: Misioneran cedro (Cedrela fissilis)
CarlosMF: Boat in the afternoon
CarlosMF: Abandoned pier and sand dredge ship
CarlosMF: Scene on the river
CarlosMF: The reflex image (Andresito, the indian general (III))
CarlosMF: Corrientes-Chaco interprovincial bridge
CarlosMF: The little boat
CarlosMF: Old museum and Auditorium
CarlosMF: BUZIOS (RJ, Brazil) from the ship; a rainy day
CarlosMF: A little winter flower at home
CarlosMF: A beach in the south of South America
CarlosMF: Backlite on the river