Semmi: How kids played in 1932
Semmi: A tender smile
Semmi: Foggy day
Semmi: Coat in Winter
Semmi: Losing a Master
Semmi: More snow needed!
Semmi: Adoration
Semmi: When dusk is falling on old and snowy Prague
Semmi: From old album. My grandpa.
Semmi: Pour féliciter
Semmi: Wishing you a good pass from 2020 to 2021!
Semmi: Merry Merry Ho-ho-ho!
Semmi: Photo to smile about
Semmi: Winter time
Semmi: Wild life in the city
Semmi: They say it will snow
Semmi: Prague Meanders
Semmi: Pepi Wishes A Happy Advent Time!
Semmi: Fun with puppy
Semmi: My red one in golden hour
Semmi: And the golden fall falls...
Semmi: Prague is A Rusty Girl
Semmi: Vista
Semmi: Gilded November
Semmi: November in Prague
Semmi: I am 14 weeks old and I love parks of Prague!
Semmi: Pepino, the star
Semmi: I met a big horse
Semmi: A portrait of hubby and daughter in early October sun
Semmi: I won over Saint Bernard!!!