intheDarkRoom: Unendig Night
intheDarkRoom: The Call from the Abyss
intheDarkRoom: Dying Ground
intheDarkRoom: Old Mornings Dawn
intheDarkRoom: At the Resting Depths Eternal
intheDarkRoom: Lvx Aeterna
intheDarkRoom: Naught but Death
intheDarkRoom: Only the Wind Remembers
intheDarkRoom: Just for a Moment...
intheDarkRoom: To Fade with the Dusk
intheDarkRoom: Svarte Troner
intheDarkRoom: Il Velo delle Ombre
intheDarkRoom: Before the New Dawn Comes
intheDarkRoom: Tortured by Solitude
intheDarkRoom: Epicedium to a Broken Dream
intheDarkRoom: Die Letzte Reise
intheDarkRoom: The Cry of Mankind
intheDarkRoom: Breeding Fear
intheDarkRoom: Epicedium to a Broken Dream
intheDarkRoom: Intentionally Blank Page
intheDarkRoom: Viten og mot
intheDarkRoom: Dead Man's Eyes
intheDarkRoom: Army of Darkness
intheDarkRoom: The Light in My Darkness
intheDarkRoom: Am Sterbebett der Zeit
intheDarkRoom: Light of Rotting Memory
intheDarkRoom: Nowhere
intheDarkRoom: Shred of Light, Pinch of Endless
intheDarkRoom: Somewhere Not There