IndyEnigma: pond with lighthouse
IndyEnigma: audiophile Bandito
IndyEnigma: park and pray
IndyEnigma: wondering why...
IndyEnigma: fast water with goose
IndyEnigma: Heron too...
IndyEnigma: Valentines Day swag...
IndyEnigma: roadside railroad, eastbound
IndyEnigma: snowy path to bench
IndyEnigma: roadside railroad 1
IndyEnigma: roadside railroad 2
IndyEnigma: roadside railroad 3
IndyEnigma: in flight
IndyEnigma: Heron
IndyEnigma: Kiffy sews, closeup
IndyEnigma: snow with bench
IndyEnigma: Stony Creek Cemetery, wide shot
IndyEnigma: CLAUDIE I.
IndyEnigma: WHETSEL
IndyEnigma: Stony Creek Cemetery
IndyEnigma: cardinal
IndyEnigma: yearning to be free in a leash law world
IndyEnigma: Kiffy sews...
IndyEnigma: Terry too
IndyEnigma: Gregg again
IndyEnigma: Gregg too
IndyEnigma: playin' with things that rattle & bang...