grantthai: Sin city (been away awhile . . )
grantthai: Girl in a gas station (People of India #26)
grantthai: New Delhi market
grantthai: If Friday's aren't for selfies, they're for drinking beer.
grantthai: Earthy colours
grantthai: Bang Sue
grantthai: A selfie . . in style and color
grantthai: They spelt my name wrong!
grantthai: Not the Sistine Chapel
grantthai: Khao Ngu Stone Park (again)
grantthai: Gotham, Manhattan, maybe. Shangri-la, not.
grantthai: The polluted brown river that is the River of Kings
grantthai: Is it time?
grantthai: Muckin' about in boats
grantthai: Willy's
grantthai: Life on the river
grantthai: A floating market, Thailand
grantthai: Tequila sunrise
grantthai: Speedster
grantthai: Wat Banrat วัดบ้านไร่
grantthai: The Canal Tavern
grantthai: Rural England
grantthai: Brightness and hope in the Covid darkness
grantthai: Cleethorpes renowned seaside café
grantthai: Low Tide beacon abstractedly . .
grantthai: Papas fish and chips and seagulls . .
grantthai: Karel Zeman Museum
grantthai: A sheltered spot
grantthai: Prague limo
grantthai: Anchor from the HMS Conway #2