IN2UT: spot
IN2UT: Just the Right Bullets. Tom Waits Opera
IN2UT: scattered Heavy showers
IN2UT: straight tangles
IN2UT: "Does this bear make me look fat?" Her words
IN2UT: floating
IN2UT: hatched
IN2UT: anderson Indiana
IN2UT: Screen door paint
IN2UT: hide and seek
IN2UT: Wary Somali in Rural Trumpistan
IN2UT: Sapiophile Bait in Sapiophobistan.
IN2UT: Window Peeping The Newlyweds
IN2UT: Good farming practices. 3 different cover crops in sensive areas. He accepts the facts of global warming.
IN2UT: The Empire Builder.
IN2UT: Coatings tanks
IN2UT: this ill
IN2UT: mausoleum with no name or dates.
IN2UT: Shadow on corn silo- I live in Indiana
IN2UT: -20 degrees sunset on a steel mill. shot from 1/4th mile
IN2UT: evening
IN2UT: weis is white
IN2UT: fog_Fotor33
IN2UT: wired
IN2UT: Deer Problem...they are getting distracting.
IN2UT: cemetary trees
IN2UT: disabled rural racing issue
IN2UT: Window of rust belt abandoned factory
IN2UT: Trump Tower Indiana. You get Fox and ESPN...3K a month
IN2UT: self portrait..see you around ....Vic Chesnutt song.