ioannis_papachristos: Moon Rising over Halyssos in Meteora, Greece
ioannis_papachristos: Abandonment Lies Heavy On The Heart
ioannis_papachristos: Twilight Pierced By Gaze Kept Fixed
ioannis_papachristos: Meteora Sunrise
ioannis_papachristos: Visible Reminder Of Invisible Light — TS Eliot
ioannis_papachristos: Eighteenth Century Abbey Beneath The Milky Way
ioannis_papachristos: Holy Trinity, Meteora, Greece #1
ioannis_papachristos: Rock Holy Spirit, Meteora, Greece #1
ioannis_papachristos: Waxing Gibbous Moon Rising Over Meteora, Greece
ioannis_papachristos: Mt. Olympus and Thessaloniki at Sunrise
ioannis_papachristos: A Farewell To White Tower With Human Presence
ioannis_papachristos: Spring In Meteora, Greece
ioannis_papachristos: A Rotten Carcass of a Boat at Sunset
ioannis_papachristos: Devil’s Tower in Meteora, Greece #1
ioannis_papachristos: Concrete By The Rocks
ioannis_papachristos: Prehistoric Cavemen’s View
ioannis_papachristos: Tender Is The Night In Meteora, Greece
ioannis_papachristos: Venus and Mercury Over Meteora, Greece, In Conjunction
ioannis_papachristos: Heavenly Bodies’ Gathering Over Thessaloniki
ioannis_papachristos: Clair De Lune
ioannis_papachristos: Angry Skies, Incandescent With Wrath
ioannis_papachristos: Flower Moon Sets Over Chapel
ioannis_papachristos: Moon Rising Over White Tower, Thessaloniki, Greece
ioannis_papachristos: Feeling Creative Whilst Recovering
ioannis_papachristos: Venus Above “My Dark Sea”
ioannis_papachristos: A Loud Colours' Injection
ioannis_papachristos: Venus and Moon Teamed Up
ioannis_papachristos: Mortui Vivis Docent Since Rembrandt’s Era