ianderry64: Red Deer Stags Rutting
ianderry64: Stags Breath
ianderry64: Enjoying the Autumn Sunshine
ianderry64: Magnificent Beasts and where to find them
ianderry64: Autumn Sunrise Red Deer Stag
ianderry64: Misty Morning
ianderry64: Bradgate Park Leicestershire
ianderry64: Golden Hour Red Deer Stag
ianderry64: Here we go
ianderry64: I see you
ianderry64: Autumn Oak Leaves in the River Lin
ianderry64: Hugo Headdress
ianderry64: Hugo Backlit
ianderry64: Hugo the Boss
ianderry64: Red Deer Stag and Fallow Deer Buck
ianderry64: Nice weather for Swans?
ianderry64: Summertime Peacock
ianderry64: Curious Pheasant
ianderry64: Peeping Pheasant
ianderry64: Pheasant can’t hide
ianderry64: Cool in the shade
ianderry64: Crow vs Little Owl
ianderry64: Stoat with Tick
ianderry64: Summertime Red Deer Stag Grazing
ianderry64: Summertime Stag
ianderry64: My local Garden of Eden
ianderry64: Buttercups and Bovine
ianderry64: Bovine and Buttercups
ianderry64: New Summertime Calf amongst Buttercups