Ian-S: Puffins on Inner Farne
Ian-S: Seals and the Longstone Lighthouse - Farne Islands
Ian-S: Ice cream van at Craster harbour
Ian-S: On the path to Beadnell Bay
Ian-S: Fieldfares don't understand sharing
Ian-S: Snowy beak, chilly Fieldfare
Ian-S: Visitor on the garden fence
Ian-S: Vantage point
Ian-S: Sleek Fieldfare
Ian-S: Fieldfare on the fence
Ian-S: Fieldfare in the snow
Ian-S: Furtive Fieldfare
Ian-S: Apple eater
Ian-S: Eating frozen apples
Ian-S: Waiting for the snow to stop
Ian-S: Not just the spring bulbs popping up...
Ian-S: Joi de vivre
Ian-S: Roydon Common - winding track
Ian-S: Roydon Common - gate
Ian-S: Roydon Common gate complex
Ian-S: Roydon Common path
Ian-S: winter wood
Ian-S: Footpath to the next village
Ian-S: snowdrops rising from dead leaves
Ian-S: lines in landscape
Ian-S: A churchyard angel
Ian-S: Oystercatchers are go!
Ian-S: Baby Grey Seal at Horsey, Norfolk
Ian-S: Mother seal in the wintry sunshine
Ian-S: Bull Seal basking in the wintry sun