HansWobbe: StormyDawnClouds
HansWobbe: SunsetColors from the terrace.
HansWobbe: CollinsBay
HansWobbe: Beautiful Day
HansWobbe: come sail away (from the coming Storm)
HansWobbe: CupOfBeauty
HansWobbe: dawnOfThanks
HansWobbe: Patterns
HansWobbe: a New Year winter scene
HansWobbe: Tewes Falls
HansWobbe: Rescue hyacinth
HansWobbe: Thousand Islands link
HansWobbe: Foxy pose
HansWobbe: Ice Rink
HansWobbe: Fall colors
HansWobbe: Winter's last ice (hopefully!)
HansWobbe: my view ...
HansWobbe: Fall colors at Lake Ontario
HansWobbe: "hanging on"
HansWobbe: Bleeding hearts ( 2015)
HansWobbe: Trillium-2015
HansWobbe: Groundhog neighbor
HansWobbe: Crocus macro
HansWobbe: bee in crocus
HansWobbe: a (cold!) view of Niagara Falls
HansWobbe: Fenced in, up North ...
HansWobbe: Fall's last reds
HansWobbe: Halloween
HansWobbe: Fall fungus
HansWobbe: Enjoying Fall