gwuphd: Snowdrops
gwuphd: At the Harbor
gwuphd: Winter sunrise
gwuphd: Under the Autumn Sun
gwuphd: Walking into sunset
gwuphd: Flying formation
gwuphd: winter trees
gwuphd: cold ducks
gwuphd: Snowy sunrise
gwuphd: Yesterday's moon
gwuphd: Pink Sunset
gwuphd: Winter Sunset
gwuphd: Winter moon
gwuphd: Blooming Winter Plum
gwuphd: winter sunset
gwuphd: Crossing the moon
gwuphd: blue winter
gwuphd: Walking in Autumn
gwuphd: colors of fall
gwuphd: Autumn Goose
gwuphd: Fall Lake
gwuphd: Autumn colors
gwuphd: Under the Autumn Sun
gwuphd: Autumn leaf
gwuphd: Red and yellow
gwuphd: Tranquil Morning
gwuphd: morning light
gwuphd: Autumn lake
gwuphd: Under the Moon
gwuphd: "It was a beautiful, bright autumn day, with air like cider and a sky so blue you could drown in it." ~ Diana Gabaldon