calpal2010: Linden Tree - Golden Leaves
calpal2010: Linden Tree - Golden in Fall
calpal2010: Squirrel Holding Nut
calpal2010: End of the Fall Season
calpal2010: Fall Leaves
calpal2010: Big Walnut Creek-Falls -Close-up
calpal2010: Big Walnut Creek-Hikers
calpal2010: Big Walnut Creek-Falls
calpal2010: A View Under the Bridge
calpal2010: A Walk in the Woods
calpal2010: Amish Family on Highway
calpal2010: City Symbol
calpal2010: Russell Theater
calpal2010: Fountain on Town Square
calpal2010: Row Houses on Third Street
calpal2010: Yellow Brick Home on Third Street
calpal2010: Farmstead Near Route 371
calpal2010: Deserted Buildings Old River Town
calpal2010: Scenic Highway
calpal2010: Truck Driver in Side Mirror
calpal2010: Otway Covered Bridge (1874)
calpal2010: White House WIth Green Shutters
calpal2010: Farmstead With Old Brick House
calpal2010: Power Plant
calpal2010: Unloading Coal from Barge
calpal2010: Tugboat & Barge
calpal2010: Paddle Wheel Boat
calpal2010: House on Rock
calpal2010: Old Sheds & Trees Aong the Road Trees
calpal2010: Covered Bridge (Knowlton 1887)