BergeyTown: Red Belied Sapsucker (M)
BergeyTown: Temagami Sunset.
BergeyTown: GB Heron.
BergeyTown: Black Bear silhouette
BergeyTown: Reflection of a Pied Billed Grebe.
BergeyTown: Momma Black Bear
BergeyTown: A snail on it's voyage.
BergeyTown: Feeling kinda grumpy this morning after rolling out of bed, looking like this House Wren.
BergeyTown: Picking Out A Berry
BergeyTown: Screamin For Vengeance
BergeyTown: Chestnut Sided Warbler
BergeyTown: Mourning Warbler
BergeyTown: Yellow Billed Cuckoo keeping a watch on a Veery
BergeyTown: Lunch date...Pine Warbler
BergeyTown: Indigo Bunting waiting on the morning sun
BergeyTown: Momma Hooded Merganser and her cute little ones.
BergeyTown: Get a leg up!! Wilson Snipe
BergeyTown: (M) Bobolink on a pretty perch
BergeyTown: Not often you find a Bobolink (M) on a different perch then a fence line.
BergeyTown: (M) Cowbird on a apple branch
BergeyTown: 🎵Jump Jump... The "Pine Warbler" will make you Jump Jump 🎵
BergeyTown: Wilson Snipe on a new perch
BergeyTown: 🎶Looking for a place to happen 🎶 Baltimore Oriole ( F)
BergeyTown: Watch your back out there and play safe. Baltimore Oriole (M)
BergeyTown: Spotted my first Baltimore Oriole today. Love the bright orange that mixes so well with the black. Puslinch
BergeyTown: Up close and personal with this amazing Wilson Snipe. I have been watching this family for a few years now, building trust and confidence between us both. He flew to a perch within 8 ft today. Such a great 2 minutes spent with him. No crop, with a bit
BergeyTown: Ready to have her young anytime.
BergeyTown: Waiting on the kits
BergeyTown: Pine Warbler, singing for his mate.
BergeyTown: When you wait almost 2 hours for something to land on a post, then all you hear is 30 shutter clicks from your camera as you don't want to miss the photo op. Wilson Snipe