helenehoffman: Say Ahh
helenehoffman: A Moment of Quiet
helenehoffman: Birthday Boy
helenehoffman: Bee On Broccoli
helenehoffman: Silly Bear [In Explore 3/31/21]
helenehoffman: Little Eleanor
helenehoffman: Portrait of a Silly Lady Bear
helenehoffman: Harpy Eagle in the Pines
helenehoffman: Dazzling Eyes [In Explore 3/12/21]
helenehoffman: Belly Slide
helenehoffman: Bear Play
helenehoffman: Lady Bears
helenehoffman: I Spy a Fish!
helenehoffman: Sashimi -- Polar Bear Style
helenehoffman: Scouting For Fish
helenehoffman: International Polar Bear Day 2021
helenehoffman: Star Light, Star Bright [In Explore 2/23/21]
helenehoffman: Calendula Dark Center
helenehoffman: Stopping to Smell the Flowers?
helenehoffman: Broccoli Rocks [In Explore 2/7/21]
helenehoffman: Watching Me Watching Her
helenehoffman: Curiosity
helenehoffman: PurrC's Big Boy Vest
helenehoffman: Vigilent
helenehoffman: Final Rose
helenehoffman: Magnificent Lady Bear
helenehoffman: Lord Derby Eland
helenehoffman: Birthday Surprise [In Explore 1/19/21]
helenehoffman: On Golden Pond
helenehoffman: Reflected Forest