fs999: Pink Border
robbiesydney: Rainbow 🌈 arcs
lisa.l.: Puglia (dedicated to Professor Bop)
lisa.l.: “Brillant trees” David Sylvian
maczeug2: Modern sign on old door #2
maczeug2: Corona is landing
maczeug2: armrest
lgflickr1: Another from the road
lgflickr1: Havilland Otter at the Talkeetna Base camp
lgflickr1: Duck at Goldwater Lake
texastravel: Ike West House, King William District, San Antonio
texastravel: Fort Worth, Texas
texastravel: Fort Worth Victorian Mansions
texastravel: John Bremond House, Austin, Texas
texastravel: King William District, San Antonio, Texas
texastravel: Chabot House, San Antonio, Tex.
angelakanner: My Redhead Visitor...
rod1691: O'Side City Hall 31-4-26-20-80D-8X15mm
rod1691: O'Side Beach Sunset 17-12-8-20-5Dii-28X300mm
Cédric Deheyder: Reflection in the water
Harry Szpilmann: NYC subway 57th
ascaps: paramount theater
iezalel7williams: Bilbergia in Focus IMG_2978-001
zirano: Innsbruck bedeckt
zirano: Erlspitzgruppe Detail
zirano: Sonne vs Wolke
zirano: Astral Berge
zirano: Habicht
jchau1731: “Being able to smell the fresh air and disconnect from the news and your phone—there’s nothing like it.”
jchau1731: Orchid Charm