harald.bohn: Morning fog at Dragsneset, Frøya
harald.bohn: Two eagles leave when we disturb them
harald.bohn: At sea
harald.bohn: The sailship "Ideal"
harald.bohn: The sailship "Ideal"
harald.bohn: The sailship "Ideal"
harald.bohn: Winter day by the sea
harald.bohn: No green leaves, no flowers, no spring - yet - but worth waiting for!
harald.bohn: Rough sea
harald.bohn: The fishing vessel returns from the sea to deliver the catch of the day. In Explore 2.4.2020.
harald.bohn: Winter storm approaches
harald.bohn: Covered with snow
harald.bohn: Windy day with the kick-sledge
harald.bohn: Postbudet trosser været
harald.bohn: Mail must be delivered - whatever the weather
harald.bohn: Cold spring yet
harald.bohn: The bridge
harald.bohn: At the beach an autumn day
harald.bohn: When nature draws its own circles
harald.bohn: The bright colour of nature
harald.bohn: The long and winding road...
harald.bohn: February day by the Atlantic coast. In Explore 3.3.2020..
harald.bohn: Sjøhusan på Bleik
harald.bohn: Disappearing fence
harald.bohn: Stone with an aura
harald.bohn: Surrounded by sand
harald.bohn: Half buried on the beach
harald.bohn: Seaweeds on the beach after the storm
harald.bohn: Beach landscape north of the polar circle
harald.bohn: The entrance door to the town museum: "Nordlandsmuseet"