harald.bohn: Lusaka, Zambia
harald.bohn: Lusaka, Zambia
harald.bohn: Lusaka, Zambia
harald.bohn: Lusaka, Zambia
harald.bohn: Zanzibar
harald.bohn: Patterns in sand
harald.bohn: Circles in sand
harald.bohn: Waves in sand
harald.bohn: Bluebell in the fresh snow, a foretaste of winter
harald.bohn: The first snow of this autumn
harald.bohn: Towards Storwartz
harald.bohn: The taste of sun in the evening - giraffe in Africa
harald.bohn: Under the village tree. From a small village in eastern Zambia
harald.bohn: Zambia: Time for drinking for both two- and four-legged in the village
harald.bohn: Selling tomatoes, at the main road from Kasama to Lusaka, Zambia
harald.bohn: Train stop at Tazara express in Tanzania: the local women offers food and drinks for sale through the train windows
harald.bohn: View from the Tazara Express, from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, heading for Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia, 1860 km away. Early morning stop after 10 hours journey, 48 more hours to go before end of journey.
harald.bohn: Sunset over Tazara express, from Dar es Salaam to Kasama
harald.bohn: A group of locals who like to show their suits by the train at Makambako station, Tanzania, by the Tazara train
harald.bohn: Fishermen on the beach at Slipway, Dar es Salaam
harald.bohn: Tanzania: Fishing nets are being prepared on the beach in Dar es Salaam. The boats are hollowed out tree trunks
harald.bohn: Out hunting whales
harald.bohn: Summer night at Frøya
harald.bohn: Where the freshwater meets the sea
harald.bohn: The Bleik village in the distance
harald.bohn: Midnight sun at Bleik beach
harald.bohn: At the Thames
harald.bohn: Tall trees in springtime
harald.bohn: Nice address to stay on! Surrounded by Forsythia. ("Godliaveien" = "Good hillside road")