"SnapDecisions" photography: “Homeward bound”
"SnapDecisions" photography: “On fogs edge”
"SnapDecisions" photography: ‘’New destinations”
"SnapDecisions" photography: Urban conversations
"SnapDecisions" photography: Celebrating the Great Jazz Bassists
"SnapDecisions" photography: ”Key note address’
"SnapDecisions" photography: “Hill country”
"SnapDecisions" photography: “Father & son”
"SnapDecisions" photography: “Mountain climbing”
"SnapDecisions" photography: "Urban structures"
"SnapDecisions" photography: "Stairway to heaven"
"SnapDecisions" photography: "The Crossing God"
"SnapDecisions" photography: "Viewing Lichtenstein"
"SnapDecisions" photography: "Got to do me gently, well it's feets don't fail me now " "Feats don't fail me now" by Little Feat
"SnapDecisions" photography: The old Point Loma Lighthouse"
"SnapDecisions" photography: 57 of my photos were selected for Flickr Explore, thanks
"SnapDecisions" photography: "Dillinger days"
"SnapDecisions" photography: "The Grand Illusion"