handcoding: Win Pontificating
handcoding: Margaret and Bronwyn Horsing Around
handcoding: Margaret and Adrian on the Church Steps
handcoding: Margaret and Adrian Posting for Photos
handcoding: Margaret and Adrian After They Just Got Married
handcoding: Guy and Ian Chatting Outside the Church
handcoding: Crystal and Helene and Jon
handcoding: Ceci Helping with Flower Arrangements
handcoding: Andy’s Best Man Speech
handcoding: Andy and Crystal Before the Rehearsal Dinner
handcoding: Adrian Addressing the Rehearsal Dinner
handcoding: Lorelei’s Scrunchy Face
handcoding: Rosemary with Cousins
handcoding: Granny, Look How Much I Can Fit in My Mouth
handcoding: I’ve Got Your Sunglasses
handcoding: Ian, Guy, Theodore, and Celeste
handcoding: I Found the Sippy Cup!
handcoding: Bischoff and Bloembergen and Atkinson Group Photo
handcoding: Group Photo—Beforehand
handcoding: Sign the Book
handcoding: Oh, this band has a violin!
handcoding: Leah Smiling
handcoding: Ooh, what’s over there!
handcoding: Oh no you di’n’t!
handcoding: Josh Smiling
handcoding: The Snazzy Couple
handcoding: Dwyer’s Cafe
handcoding: Ice creaaaam!
handcoding: It’s Crawfish Time
handcoding: Breaux Bridge Antique Mall