guthrie79uk: Poppleton Station #3
guthrie79uk: Poppleton Station B/W
guthrie79uk: Poppleton Station
guthrie79uk: Pink Rose
guthrie79uk: York Minster
guthrie79uk: Horsehouse, Yorkshire Dales
guthrie79uk: Crooked Fence By A Field Of Gold and Green
guthrie79uk: Sunset, Acomb
guthrie79uk: Light trails, Acomb
guthrie79uk: St Stephen's Cemetery, Acomb
guthrie79uk: Black & White Bonfire
guthrie79uk: Cobblestone path
guthrie79uk: Yorkshire Sunset
guthrie79uk: barbed wire sunset
guthrie79uk: Fairground at night
guthrie79uk: river reflections
guthrie79uk: York railway station
guthrie79uk: sunset on outskirts of Acomb
guthrie79uk: May Parlar, Collective Solitude, 2018
guthrie79uk: A piece from the Anthony Shaw Collection, York Art Gallery
guthrie79uk: Mark Bloomfield, Conform No 1-4, 2017
guthrie79uk: img_0916
guthrie79uk: IMG_0918
guthrie79uk: Exhibition Square, York
guthrie79uk: Tulips 2
guthrie79uk: Tulips
guthrie79uk: Squirrel
guthrie79uk: Spring
guthrie79uk: Saturday in York
guthrie79uk: Robin and a Berry