MARMARI Dragonflies: Common Darter,teneral,Freshwater,Isle of Wight.
justL1209: The Scout
Mário Silva: Águas Frias (Chaves) - ... ave (Pardal-francês "Petronia petronia") com o almoço (será que foi ao "take-away?"), levando-o no bico ...
discoveryfahim: Violet Beauty
Yongi Ng: Female Salticid with relatively large anterior lateral eyes (ALEs)
Mário Silva: Águas Frias (Chaves) - ... flor campestre - (campaínhas-rabanete, campânula, espera-do-campo, rapôncio ou rapúncio - "Campanula rapunculus"...
skagitrenee: After the Rain
Mário Silva: Águas Frias (Chaves) - ...
Ramón M. Covelo: Red Devil
skagitrenee: Hanging Pine Cone
skagitrenee: Pine Straw Needles
skagitrenee: Tall Bluebell Fantasy
Mário Silva: Águas Frias (Chaves) - ... os as flores campestres (Lupinus -Gallery Yellow - Lipine), dão um colorido alegre aos campos ...
terryquinn555: Four Spotted Chaser, Rixton,Warrington.
terryquinn555: Emperor Dragonfly,Rixton,Warrington.
Pierrot 49: Multicoloured grey rain pearls
alberto.zamprogna: palomena sp. nymph
Yongi Ng: Female Phidippus otiosus
terryquinn555: Damselfly
Mário Silva: Águas Frias (Chaves) - ... flor campestre ("Hiypericum punctatum") ......
Gerda Le Blanc: Appeltje voor de dorst
Mário Silva: Águas Frias (Chaves) - ... borboleta (Nymphalis polychloros) ...
Yongi Ng: Male Red-faced Rhene
Pierrot 49: Somewhere a child is sitting waiting for rain, his dust bed needs rain
Yongi Ng: What a Face for a Spider!
skagitrenee: April Moss
Pierrot 49: Walk in the rain