byronv2: Shopping in the Light 02
byronv2: Shopping in the Light 01
KSAG Photography: Durham Cathedral, Durham, UK
Andreas Komodromos: Zuccotti Park Christmas - New York City
steynard: 2019-12-03 (01) Paris. Place de la Contrescarpe
Paco Dicenta: La nuit
Eugenio GV Costa: 😎 Ho visto la Luce - I saw the Light😊
KSAG Photography: Pero's Bridge, Bristol, UK
Ariok54: Place stanislas
hansziel99: Rib City
LRayG: Toronto at 6am - View from Humber Bay Park West
Andre T 44: L’inconnu qui passe
Andre T 44: Le tôt marcheur
w.yuckey: 落葉のカーペット
fallort: Berlin by night Monochrome, Architecture & Water Landscape, Photograph Taken On The London Eye River Cruise, London, England.
basti k: Lunchtime
O's Photo Project: Sans Titre
hubert_lan562: 2019 Novembre - Lorient
all quiet please proceed: Hickam’s dictum (3)
schmarcio79: My Lovely Geneva - Christmas decorations - Rue du Mont-Blac - Created by Ben Busche - D85_0189_2
Andreas Komodromos: South Pool, 9/11 Memorial - New York City
KSAG Photography: Park Street, Bristol, UK
Rol247*: Magna Plaza Amsterdam
imaugedesbetrachters66: Nachts im Nebel
Distagon12: DSC02798
Andreas Komodromos: City Colors - Times Square, New York City